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Distance Analysis

The fundamental principle of astrology is that the planets have close connection to specific principles which influence human existence. The Sun, Moon, and other planets are positioned around the chart to reflect their positions around Earth. In astrological aspects, angular relationship and the distance in degree between two planets in the chart is called Distance Analysis. These relationships affect the way in which the individual planets operate within the personality of each individual.

It is more crucial for a proper analysis of planetary influences. There is a particular angular differences and difference in distance between the planets and zodiacs. Like, for example, the distance between Aries and Gemini and Aquarius is 60 which is formed between the signs that have compatible elements.

Facts about Distance Analysis

The planets are known to be in aspect when they lie at a certain distance from each other. Aspects are nothing but the angles between the two astral bodies. These angular relationships between the planets always correspond to the human archetypes and some of the concrete expressions in human affairs.

Our Distance analysis services mainly focus on 5 different types on angular relationships between the planets which are as follows:

  • The Sextile: When the distance between two planets is 60 or 300, it is called the sextile aspect which is considered as harmonious. There is a mutual harmonious exchange between the planets without one dominating over the other.
  • Conjunction: If the distance between the planets is either 0 or 360, then it is called the conjunction.  It is an aspect which indicates fusion of two planetary energies whose result is not equal to the sum of two but is equal to a third and new energy.
  • Trine: If the distance between the planets is either 120 or 240 is the trine aspect. It indicates that energy of planets is expressed with much harmony and naturalness.
  • Square: When the distance between two planets is 90 or 270, it is the square aspect or dynamic aspect. It indicates the relationship of constant tension and conflict between the two planets involved.
  • Opposition: The planets are said to be in opposition to each other when they lie in 180. It has a enlightening effect since the planets involved are very similarly and complimentary.

Since different planets move in different speed and different orbits, the duration of their transit varies in your birth chart. Theses transits in the birth chart reflect the dynamic unfolds of your life and character in terms of specific events and experiences. We have expert Distance analysis provider who helps you know the location of nine planets in 12 houses of your chart. We help you shape as an individual so that you can completely understand your positive and negative tendencies.

A chart has so many facets and levels of meaning that each astrologer can illuminate and give you important insights. Our astrologers at Cosmic Astro World effectively interpret your Vedic birth chart based on the analysis of distance between your grahas. We recommend you to seek for interpretations or readings from our expert astrologers.