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Match making for marriage

You marry for a beautiful life ahead; it is not desirable that you turn your life into big mess after choosing the wrong partner. That is why most of the Indian families do adhere to the match making for marriage. Indeed, this has been practice since long; it is a belief that prior tying the divine knot forever, it is better to know each other in terms of the astrology. Most importantly, it is crucial to enlighten the compatibility areas of the groom and the bride.

In fact, in this type of match making, the horoscopes of both the boy and girl are considered. These are done with respect to the position of the planets and moon. Depending on these planetary positions, the astrologer does give points to the boy and the girl. In fact, considering certain conditions, the astrologer does generate some points on the above report. After all these, the astrologer does proceed to elaborate the points like he considers eight points which includes the varan, vyasa, tara, yoni, graha maitri, gan, bhakoot, nadi.

You should know that the conventional astrology considers all these which have specific meaning based on that the points are generated. Now all these points are added which results up to 36 out of which the minimum score should be 18; for those scoring less than 18 are actually considered not compatible for each other.

For those who are new to the gun milan should know that you have to write and enter the boys and girls name in the chart given. Now this will give the details of the compatibility between the both. In addition to this, you will know the guna koota.

Undoubtedly, this will help you to step into the new world with a wrong partner. Go for the best consultant to make your new life blissful and exasperating.