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Vastu tips

If you conceive astrology as an integral part of your life, then you cannot deny of its certain aspects. In this context, it is important to highlight some points on the vaastu. This is a historic science which has dominated the past and is conquering the present with magical spells. It is a notion of energy based on science definitely that influences your life, living and other associations. That is why, you should adhere to it. Here are some useful vastu tips.

Vaastu for new house:

For those who want to have a new house, remember to get a house with about five doors. Make sure that the house should allow adequate air circulation and receives enough sunshine followed by plenty of water as a resource. Make sure that the main entrance is not in front of a lift. It should not have particular trees like pipal, banyan or any cactus in and around.

Vaastu tips for study area:

While making the study area, make sure that the room is situated on the western side or eastern side or covering part of the north eastern side. Next according to vaastu, it should have rectangular or squared study table. The room should have the picture of lord ganesha or of Mata saraswati.

Vaastu for bedroom:

For bedroom, you have certain set of rules like the room should be in the south or east. Make sure not to add entertainment unit like tv in the room. You should not include any water plants in the bedroom at the same time. It should support the entry of the wind from the south west direction.

Vaastu for living room:

The living room should be constructed facing the northern direction as well as the furniture should be in the eastern or southern direction. Make sure to place an aquarium in one side. Additionally, place some beautiful family photo and always keep the corners decorated.

The above mentioned are some of the important vaastu tips which you should always remember.