Chakra Healing

What Do You Mean By Chakras? Everyone has an invisible energy system called chakras that are entry gates of the aura in your body. These are Centres that receive, assimilate, and express life force energies. Chakra means energy disc, wheel or vortexes which are responsible for person's psychological, physical, and spiritual functions. There are seven vital energy stations or the chakras which are the energy ecosystem, present from the base of spine to the top of head in every human body. Each vital energy source corresponds to a different aspect of life such as wealth, health, love, and wisdom. These chakras balance the nature and its properties outside the body.

We, at Comic Astro share with you some simple ways to vitalize and energize your chakras to achieve the level of holistic energy that you always wish for. You can get the energy spiralling up into your base chakra by healing through reiki, yoga, conscious breathing, physical exercises, meditation, positive thinking, and aromatherapy.

Our chakra healers at Comic Astro provide a relaxing treatment that provides support for alleviating a variety of symptoms like stress, headaches, depression, chronic pain, and illness. We assist you to restore good health by teaching how to take care of your own energy health.

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