Signature Analysis

Each person has its own Signature style, personal and basic natural. Often childhood passes and teenage state comes. So the need for signature is felt. The nature of children is seen in the signature of their childhood. Hence the signatures of small children are straightforward. They instinctively write their name. Anyone can know their signature by seeing that it is the Signature of the children. That is, seeing the signature of everyone, knowing the knowledge and understanding. In the same way, by looking at the simple signature of the elder you can know that the person is of simple nature. When children begin to make their signature, they are under the influence of the people around them and their nature.

Those who come in the most influence make signatures like that person. They begin to make signature as well as the signature looks. But the originality of the self and the desires of the mind also have its effect on that signature. Therefore, they adopt a similar signature. Some children or young people follow or style their role model by copying the design of their signature, make their signature. Surely, the originality of the children, who directs the use of their own energy it affects. In such a situation, the first effect remains on the person throughout life, that is, the imitating of the imitative effect of others. One can never become free. Always uses his energy in the influence of others and his entire life But its effect receives.

If you look at these things with the attention of other members in the family, then you can feel. The trend of copying in signature nurtures the influence of copying others. You can understand this in a way that by wearing clothes made by others, wearing clothes made by others, wearing cloth for themselves, wearing clothes. Trying to do the same if you do not know how to sew the clothes, then how will the situation be? Feel in the clothes you will see.

Each person has his own merit, his energy depends on his situations. From that, its presentation is influenced. We can imitate others but we cannot become like others. Every person's own nature, basic nature makes him different from the world. If he gets proper guidance, then every person can be born with extraordinary abilities in the world, he can esteem himself.s

Impressed by the copy of others in the signature, designing your signature better than designing your signature or getting the design in the right direction. The person can establish and esteem himself with his originality.

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