Vedic and Shanti Karma

The word "Veda" means the storehouse of knowledge. It combines the knowledge of four life goals - Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. The system of Vedic astrology believes that the planets are organized to identify the nature and degree of our tendency to act within a range of specific behavioural patterns.

The Shanti mantra helps to keep all elements of the nature at peace. It helps to pacify your mind and body as a whole. We primarily focus on fulfilling the needs of people who want to have clarity and discriminating ability, mental strength to face events and situation of the life.

Pitra Dosh and Shanti Karma The meaning of Shanti is the act of pleasing God to get your wishes granted. It conditions the mind exalts up to the higher state and forms the path of salvation - the eternal bliss. The karmic tendencies are an urge to behave in a way we have previously behaved but some individuals have the Pitra Dosh which occurs when the soul of our ancestors and departed forefathers do not get peace (shanti) due to various reasons. At this time, conducting homas and pujas are very important as part of Shanti Karma.

The bad karma or deeds done by our ancestors, knowingly or unknowingly embarrass our souls. And in turn, the bad deeds done by us disturb the soul of our ancestors. If someone fails to remember and honour the ancestors properly, Shanti does not prevail for a long time in that family. Vedic astrology easily identifies the effect of Pitra Dosh. We believe that Pitra Dosh has strong connection with Hindu Mythology and also sun and moon affliction with Rahu and Ketu.

We prescribe many remedies for all the problems of Pitra Dosh from simple to complex and cheapest to costly. It is quite easy to nullify the effects of this problem and satisfy our forefathers and ancestors. Performing a Vedic Puja, reciting the mantras or charity will improve your overall progress.

Our counselling sessions assist you to align with the truth which ultimately brings a much deeper understanding of one's Karma in lifetime and directs towards personal healing.

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